When To See a Gastroenterologist

SoCal Digestive Wellness and Dr. Sunny Lo can help you diagnose many common digestive conditions and ensure you live a comfortable and happy life. That said, do you need to visit a gastroenterologist in Alhambra, CA, every year? Or are there symptoms that indicate more serious issues? Understanding a few warning signs can ensure that you visit Dr. Lo at appropriate times.

Rectal Bleeding or Vomiting Blood

If you develop rectal bleeding or vomiting blood you should schedule a visit with our GI doctor right away as this can be a sign of a serious condition. Issues such as hemorrhoids may cause rectal bleeding, as well as more serious conditions, so it's important to get checked right away to determine what is occurring and develop a treatment plan.


Are you developing yellow skin and eyes? Or passing dark urine and light-colored stools? You may have jaundice, a troubling condition that may be caused by things like liver damage, blocked bile ducts, gallstones, hemolytic anemia, and more. Dr. Lo can diagnose these issues and treat them using various care options. In this way, you can avoid long-term jaundice symptoms and live a happier and healthier life. 

Ulcer Symptoms

Ulcers are painful conditions caused by sores in the stomach or small intestine. Gastric ulcers occur on the stomach lining, while a duodenal ulcer occurs in the small intestine. Causes of this problem include smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, abusing over-the-counter painkillers, experiencing bacterial infections, and suffering from stress and anxiety. They cause bloody stools, nausea, feeling too full when eating, and other symptoms.

Other Warning Signs to Watch

You should also visit a digestive professional if you experience symptoms as diverse as:

  • Trouble swallowing (could indicate acid reflux damage and more severe issues)
  • Frequent heartburn (when you experience symptoms like dizziness and pain when swallowing)
  • Regular bloating (typically means you're retaining gas without passing it)
  • Chronic constipation (may be the result of a serious underlying bowel concern, such as Crohn's)
  • Hard stools (if they make you strain, feel too painful to pass, or won't pass: it could be intestinal blockage)
  • Consistent diarrhea (may indicate multiple digestive issues, such as Celiac)
  • Unexpected weight loss (often a symptom of dangerous conditions like cancer)
  • Rectal bleeding (could occur with polyps, lesions, and even ulcers)

Know When To Get Help

At SoCal Digestive Wellness, Dr. Lo can help you with various digestive disorders to ensure that you're healthy. He's a gastroenterologist that Alhambra, CA, trusts to handle multiple conditions and minimize their suffering. Please don't hesitate to contact us today at (818) 659-5887 if you're interested in getting the help that you need to recover.

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